About Dr. Eimer

Bruce Eimer, PhD, ABPP, is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area with over 27 years of experience using Clinical Hypnosis and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy as tools in treating people with a variety of emotional and medical conditions. He is a Fellow and Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and a Board Certified Diplomate in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with the American Board of Professional Psychology.

Dr. Eimer is the co-author of a number of professional textbooks on hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, which you can find here. He is the co-author of Pain Management Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide (John Wiley, 1998), Brief Cognitive Hypnosis (Springer, 2002), Ideomotor Signals for Rapid Hypnoanalysis (Charles Thomas, 2006), and The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy (Crown House, 2012).

Dr. Eimer has also written a number of self-help books on the applications of self-hypnosis for managing chronic pain, anxiety and depression.  He is the author of Hynotize Yourself Out Of Pain Now!, now in its second edition (Crown House, 2008), and the coauthor of Coping With Uncertainty: 10 Simple Solutions.

Dr. Eimer has been practicing clinical and forensic psychology in Pennsylvania since 1986 as a licensed psychologist. He has taught numerous workshops to health professionals in clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy. Dr. Eimer’s clinical psychology practice focuses on evaluating and treating trauma survivors and people with chronic pain. In addition to working in his private practice, Dr. Eimer currently is the attending staff psychologist at a comprehensive outpatient pain center at a major teaching hospital in the Philadelphia area.

Dr. Eimer also has practiced (since 1985) and continues to practice police and security psychology. In addition to having performed thousands of psychological evaluations of security officers and law enforcement personnel, he has helped hundreds of wounded officers and combat veterans manage the acute and chronic pain associated with their injuries.

Dr. Eimer is a recognized expert on chronic pain and disability.  He has testified in court on multiple occasions as an expert witness and has served as an expert witness in multiple civil cases. Dr. Eimer has also authored or co-authored numerous book chapters and journal articles which you can find by clicking here.  He has appeared as a guest on numerous radio programs around the country and has been interviewed by Fox and NBC TV News. You can see those clips here.  Dr. Eimer is a Life Member of the American Psychological Association. For more info, click here.

Dr. Eimer’s main clinical specialty is chronic pain management. He himself is a person with chronic back pain and fibromyalgia. He has used many of the techniques he teaches others to help himself cope with his daily pain.

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